About Me

Welcome to The Breaking AI, your go-to source for AI news, founded by Ethan Ellis, a former UF Computer Science student, programmer and technology enthusiast.

During my time at UF, I became captivated by the potential of artificial intelligence. However, I noticed a gap in accessible resources for those outside the tech sphere to stay updated on AI developments. That’s why I launched The Breaking AI – to provide a platform where AI news is delivered in a clear and approachable manner for all levels of technical understanding.

Whether you’re an AI enthusiast or simply curious about its impact, our goal is to offer insightful analysis and break down complex topics into easily digestible content. At The Breaking AI, we’re committed to delivering high-quality, informative articles to empower our readers to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence.

Join us as we explore the latest advancements and applications of AI, and thank you for being a part of The Breaking AI community.

Ethan Ellis
Founder. CEO